Molokai - Hawaii's "Most Hawaiian" Island

Beautiful Molokai Condo

Beautiful Molokai Condo

This spacious open-air condo is located on Molokai's sunny west end at Kaluakoi. The architecture is plantation-style with two tall french doors spanning the length of the main floor. It is two-story with 1,200 sq. ft. of space. Beautiful Molokai Condo »

Molokai Golf Vacations

Molokai Golf Vacations

Hawaii's lesser-known and less-frequented island of Molokai is truly a hidden treasure. Golf packages from provide golfers with breathtaking, spectacular views from greens and fairways perched on cliffs overlooking the crystal blue waters below. Molokai Golf Vacations »

Molokai Weddings and Honeymoons

Molokai Weddings and Honeymoons

If the word "romance" conjures up visions of moonlit walks along a secluded beach, or an intimate upcountry hideaway just for two, then a Molokai wedding or honeymoon is picture perfect. Molokai Weddings and Honeymoons »

Molokai Outdoors

Molokai Outdoors

Guided Motor Tours - Enjoy the hidden beauty of Molokai from the air conditioned comfort of our tour vehicles. Our friendly guides will accompany you on full island tours, cultural excursions or our famous mountain to ocean adventure.
Molokai Outdoors »

Molokai Vacation Rentals

Find the lodging suitable to your individual taste on Molokai. Molokai boasts a wide selection of vacation rental condos, homes, cottages, hotels, inns and bed and breakfasts for any budget or group size. Accommodations on this island are found near the beaches and in the valleys and mountains of Molokai.

Come to this majestic island to experience the tallest sea cliffs in the world, 28 miles of barrier reef along the south side of the island, rainforest and some of the most beautiful beaches in the region. Come to Molokai to relax and experience the peaceful feeling of having no stop lights, and no building taller than a coconut palm.

Molokai Condo Rentals

Molokai condos are suited for couples or large families traveling on any budget. Find your perfect condo near the beach, adjacent to the golf course or perched atop a mountain overlooking the countryside. Molokai vacation rentals are truly located all over the island! Feel at home in Molokai in a fully furnished rental condo with telephone, cable TV, plug-in and wireless DSL internet access, DVD player, a combination radio and CD/tape player, ceiling fan and more.

Molokai Luxury Vacation Rentals

Find the perfect luxury accommodation for your stay on Molokai. You can be right next to the beach, or steps away from the golf course. Molokai luxury condos offer swimming pools, Jacuzzis, tennis courts, fine dining, private lanai and more. Sit back, relax and enjoy the most luxurious of amenities in a truly unique setting. Why limit yourself to a cramped and crowded hotel when you can live peacefully and comfortably in a private home, and enjoy your vacation in an opulent and soothing atmosphere? Find the perfect home for your family by browsing the many locations ranging from isolated waterfront homes to resort-style communities. You can choose a private and tranquil spot away from the tourist crowd, or give yourself the widest range of socializing opportunities in the lively and stimulating party spots. Pick the home that fits your precise needs because on your vacation, you're worth it!

Places to Visit on Molokai

Ho'olehua is located in the center of the island, and is preserved area for native Hawaiians, who can use the land to live on, to farm and to raise animals and livestock. Historically there have been many cases of foreigners abusing the land and rights of the people and so various rules have been made to protect and preserve the nature and the people of the islands.

The infamous Leper Colony that used to be located in Kalaupapa is now a historic site and favorite destination for curious travelers who desire to learn more about this dark past. This was once the home for "contaminated" people who were not allowed to mix with healthy society. Learn all about the history of the colony at the visitor centers and from local experts.

A trip to the Big Kite Factory is a favorite among adults and children alike, so drive to the west end of the island and visit the small town of Maunaloa. This town grew along with the pineapple industry and now you can enjoy views at 1000ft above sea level. Visit the general store, kite factory or the old post office. The kite factory is one of the most popular destinations and offers free tours, flying lessons and some strange memorabilia and souvenirs. Learn all about kites and the tales from eccentric staff who have traveled arund the world and are eager to share their anecdotes with visitors of all ages.

Molokai Vacation Deals

It can sometimes be overwhelming planning a vacation, so find a Molokai vacation deal that saves you money and is specific to your unique needs. Vacation deals save you time and money, offering discounted prices on airfare, accommodation, activities and more. Your package can include each and every detail of your daily schedule so that you don't have to worry about anything once you get there! Set up your package before you leave home and fill it up with surfing lessons, horseback riding on the serene beaches, snorkeling or whale watching cruises. Don't just go to Molokai without a plan, hoping to find the best deals on activities once you get there, find the packages from the comfort of your home first. Including accommodations and car rentals makes it easy to get your basic needs met instantly, and gives you all the time you need to enjoy your exciting stay in Molokai.

Molokai Golf Courses & Golfing

One of the greatest benefits of golf is being outside while playing, and where better to enjoy the gorgeous natural setting than picturesque and breathtaking Molokai? With courses set right along the beach or surrounded by lush rolling hills of emerald brilliance, the Molokai golf experience is truly unique. This island is home to Hawaii's longest white sand beach, and some call Kaluakoi's course the Best in Hawaii...either for the difficult and breathtaking tee-off or the dazzling vertical cliffs that surround you as you play.

A perfect way to end the day could be a twilight tee-off, with golf cart rental included of course. Relax at the club after your round and continue to enjoy that view that never gets old! At one of Molokai's oldest courses you are situated at such high elevation that you can spot mountain goats on the cliffs below, or even small airplanes...below you as you play! This historical course is also one of the oldest in Hawaii itself, and is a descendent of one of the original plantation courses. Easy on your budget and filled with stories of the past, you will enjoy your time golfing in Molokai. This is why you came to Hawaii, to pamper yourself with unimaginable splendor.

Molokai Snorkeling and Scuba Diving

One of the longest in Hawaii, Molokai's barrier reef offers spectacular snorkeling opportunities, especially if you know the right beaches to visit and use for reef access. Expert guides who specialize in safety and snorkeling fun can let you in on the insider secrets to the right entry points along the shore. Some are more extreme and exciting than others, some have more wildlife and others are gentler and mild. Take your pick and find the adventure that meets your specific needs. Are you a daredevil with a craving for excitement? You can dive in deeper waters with less protection, but make sure you have a certified guide along with you to help along the way. Families with children will enjoy the protected coves and easy access beaches. For a relaxing day of play in the water, visitors can pick spots with soft and slow tides that massage you gently into the water.

One important tip that every local knows: never assume you know the ocean, it is unpredictable and will always surprise you. Never turn your back on the water. In the summer months, May-September, you will not have to worry about crashing waves, as the conditions remain mostly calm. But winter months mean rough waters and dangerous snorkeling. The harsh swells are swept south all the way from Alaska, so safety really is an important factor to remember when you bring your family or even just yourself out for a day of underwater fun.

The Longest barrier reef in Hawaii is located along the entire South side of the island of Molokai. Due to high winds and large swells Molokai is rarely dived, but the waters surrounding the island are teaming with marine life, offering some of the best diving in Hawaii when conditions allow.

Molokai Scuba Diving Locations

» Eastern Shore Dive Locations


Molokai Weddings

One of the benefits of choosing this Island for your wedding ceremony is the access to isolated beaches, which allows you to plan a private and intimate moment for the sharing of your vows with close friends and family. Plan your wedding to take place at sunset and the perfect background is yours for free, natural and spontaneous. You can't manufacture a moment like this, which is why you came to Molokai for this meaningful occasion. Your wedding photos will capture a rare and special time and help you remember forever that day in the make sure they are complete with the ocean and glowing sky behind your smiling faces. This is the reason so many happy couples choose Hawaii for the beginning of their marriage.

Molokai in particular will offer you the simple beauty without the madness of a big island resort wedding. You can be wed on the beach with toes mingling in soft sand, or even under the graceful power of a cascading waterfall. You will "fall" in love all over again! But after planning all of the fun ceremony details, don't forget to look into license requirements in the State of Hawaii. You will need a marriage certificate AND a marriage license to really make sure that knot is tied officially and legally.

Molokai Car Rentals

The Island of Molokai has mostly unpaved roads, so keep this in mind when renting a car for your stay here. A special utility vehicle would be very functional for your exploring trips into the forest. Since this island is so small, you will not have many options for car rental agencies, but you can choose between brand name agencies and the locally owned businesses who really know service and can be helpful giving local travel advice. Choosing the vehicle that fits your needs will be easy with their recommendations...whether you need an off-road pickup truck, a sturdy jeep or a van to fit the whole family.

A special treat is a visit to the amazing Molokai Ranch, which alone takes up about one third of the island's land. The name for a Hawaiian Cowboy is a "Paniolo" and they have been working cattle on this ranch for over 100 years. You can see incredible wildlife here, like zebra, giraffes, elands, oryx and Barbary sheep. Visit the ranch in your rental car and enjoy the tranquil paradise by foot or in the comfort of your vehicle.

Another option worth checking out is bike rentals. Especially on this tranquil island with hardly any traffic or even traffic lights, biking around could be the perfect vacation getaway strategy. Most rental companies are eager and willing to help get you ready to go, including helmets, locks, lights and other gear in the rental price. Park for free and don't pay a penny for gas! This is truly the economic way to travel, and really puts you in the perfect location for enjoying the beauty of the island first-hand. You probably will enjoy the exercise too, it will make the warm waters even more soothing on your skin, the juicy fruit burst even more invitingly in your mouth, and that soft bed at the end of the day will feel like heaven on earth.