Lanai - Hawaii's Most Secluded Island

Luxury Lanai Vacation

Luxury Lanai Vacation

We welcome you and your guests to join us for a weekend getaway or an extended stay vacation. Our 4 Star accommodations are available 365 days a year, and seasonally adjusted rates are graciously priced so that you and your companions can experience picturesque Lanai today. Luxury Lanai Vacation »

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The Challenge at Manele - This par 72 course is built on several hundred acres of natural lava, terraced on a hillside overlooking Hawaii's finest white sand beach, Hulopo'e Bay. Expeditions »

Lanai Wedding

Aloha Isles - Lanai Weddings

Lanai offers the perfect setting for you to celebrate your wedding or vow renewal. Luxury resorts or serene beaches with unique scenery... On Lanai, your wedding, vow renewal, or honeymoon can be more than you ever imagined! Aloha Isles »

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Make sure you book a seat at a traditional Hawaiian luau to taste local cuisine and watch Hawaiian entertainment. Viator has all the best luaus offered on the island at the best prices!
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Lanai Vacation Rentals

Lanai, formerly known as the Pineapple Island, is located next to Maui and Molokai and is the most secluded of the Hawaiian Islands. Lanai vacation rentals range from plantation style homes, to cozy bed and breakfasts, to luxury hotels. There is so much to do in Lanai; in addition to the charming town of Lanai City, visitors can enjoy nature, history, swimming, golf, dining and snorkeling.

Lanai offers myriad opportunities for adventure, from the misty summit of the ancient volcano Lanaihale, to Hulopo'e Bay, a marine sanctuary for dolphins, humpback whales and rare sea turtles. The island is only 140 miles in size, so all attractions and activities are easily accessible while staying at Lanai vacation rentals.

Lanai Destinations


The Dole pineapple company built this town on the western side of Lanai in 1924, back when the harbor was used primarily for docking the company ships. In 1980 the company left the island, and now tourists and locals can explore the historic harbor and enjoy lovely views of the sunset from high cliffs in the west. Rocky tide pools and crystal clear ocean water can be seen below. Visitors like to spend time swimming, fishing and shopping for souvenirs in the little town.


Perfect for the traveler who wants to avoid crowds and tourist traps, this small town has preserved the natural beauty of its black sand beaches and clear shimmering waters. Keomuku used to be the hub of the sugar industry in the late 1800s, and the mill there provided locals with valuable jobs until a mysterious epidemic wiped out the population through contaminated drinking water. Legend speculates that the sugar company displaced sacred stones when building a railroad there, and angered the gods who then took revenge on the town. Today you can visit a renovated Malamalama church and see a few of the historic buildings that are still standing.


This area was home to a large ranching complex that grew in the 1800s and early 20th century to hold over 45,000 sheep, 600 horses and 500 cattle as well as hogs, turkey and goats. What was once a village to a bustling town of people who all participated in the upkeep and production of the ranch. When the pineapple business took over in the 50s, the purpose of the land became farming instead. Currently visitors enjoy the resorts located here that offer horseback riding and luxury golf courses. Learn all about life on a ranch and pretend that you are a Hawaiian cowboy as you explore the landscape on horseback.

Lanai Condo Rentals

Hawaiian culture, championship golfing, outdoor adventures and gorgeous beaches make Lanai the ideal vacation location. Find condos for any style and budget that look out on white sandy beaches, the mountains or even the golf course! Lanai condos have all of the amenities to make your feel at home. Come relax in the Lanai condo rental that fits your unique needs. You don't have to spend your entire vacation budget on a place to sleep at night, but you don't want to forget the comfort of a spacious and private haven at the end of each full and stimulating day. A modest condo will suit your family or individual needs and you will be glad you made the choice when you walk in the front door and instantly reel right at home.

Lanai Luxury Vacation Rentals

The luxury home rentals that Lanai visitors must choose from are almost too good to be true...For the ample vacation budget there are extravagant options that assure you will have trouble leaving Lanai and returning to your own home! Options range from the ultimate bachelors pad for the single traveler looking to meet new people, to a home perfectly equipped for a family, with playrooms, large yard space, shallow pools and of course a meditation room for parents to escape to after a long day of adventure. What more could you ask for from a temporary home? How about fireplaces, ocean views, private Jacuzzi and a gated pool? If you are in the market for a more modest approach to your vacation home, you can still find luxury away from the opulence of resort living. Private owners rent out their homes for affordable prices with all of the creature comforts that a weary traveler longs for after traipsing around the island all day. Make the choice that's right for you and your luxury rental could be the very thing that makes your vacation an unforgettable one.

Lanai Vacation Deals

Don't expect your trip to plan itself, you want to get all of the hassle out of the way by setting up a package deal ahead of time. Include all of the travel necessities like car rental, airfare, hotel accommodations, and of course your daily itinerary. Activities range from traditional luau ceremonies to daring adventure sports like hang gliding over the lush landscape of Lanai. Always dreamed of horseback riding on the beach? You can bet you'll see some dolphins on that cruise, if not whales too! When you watch the sun sink beneath the horizon in all it's fiery brilliance, you will be so glad you booked that hot air balloon ride for you and your sweetheart. These are moments that only happen with careful planning ahead of time to ensure the smooth and easy progression of the vacation that will only come once in a lifetime! Unless, of course, you come back for the wedding...

Lanai Golf Courses & Golfing

The golf courses of Lanai are characterized by their stark differences from one another, each offering a unique set of scenic views and landscapes, as well as difficulty levels. Choose from stunning ocean panoramas or the backdrop of the dramatic lava cliffs that cut into the sky with cruel splendor. Since Lanai is one of the smallest Hawaiian Islands, there are naturally fewer choices of courses than some of the larger islands. But the two most famous courses themselves are enough to keep you busy for your entire vacation!

One course is known for the distinct challenge of the course design and the natural elements that will encroach on your game, like wind, water and sand. Another course is famous for its beautiful setting atop the mighty slopes of the hills that shoot up into the azure blue skies. The manufactured opulence of the greens blend into the natural intensity of the island, reminding you that this is why you play golf...Enjoying your trip to Hawaii will be easy while playing on these well-designed and carefully maintained courses.

Lanai Snorkeling and Scuba Diving

Symbols of luck and hope to the native people of Hawaii, dolphins are one of the most celebrated and popular animals that are associated with the island of Lanai, where they are especially abundant. Snorkeling in Lanai means that you will be almost certain to stumble upon these playful creatures while you are out enjoying the underwater scenery.

Two different types of dolphins can be found near Lanai: the famously playful spinner dolphins and well-known bottlenose dolphins. You can learn so much about these special creatures from nature tours or snorkeling cruises with expert guides. Those groups of dolphins that are almost always spotted together are called "pods". You can find up to 100 dolphins in one pod! It could be the large number of dolphins that makes Lanai one of the most popular snorkeling destinations in the world. But these aren't the only animals that will take your breath away while you journey through Lanai's marine world of wonder...look out for sea turtles and a multitude of other species that live just a few feet from the rocky shores.

Trying to decide where to head for your snorkeling or scuba diving adventure? The eastern point of Hulopoe Beach is where the best snorkeling can be found; this is where the reef is most developed. This area is a marine sanctuary and can be distinguished by the amazing lava rocks that lead into the water. Almost anyone can afford the comprehensive snorkel classes that are offered here, and equipment is included. On the small island of Lanai you can't go wrong with this oft-recommended spot.

The South and West coasts of Lana'i offer the ultimate experience in Hawaiian diving with over 25 dive sites to choose from. Experience the incredible diversity for yourself while exploring unique coral formation, mysterious lava tubes, graceful archways and pinnacles.

If you are staying on Maui there are numerous dive trips that will take you to Lanai.

Lanai Scuba Diving Locations

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Lanai Weddings

Notably one of the sunnier and more picturesque Islands in Hawaii's chain, Lanai could be the perfect location for your special day. You won't be the first, since this is a favorite spot among celebrities and the wealthy elite. But you don't have to be a millionaire to come to Lanai and feel like you are secluded on your own private isle. There are endless possibilities when looking for that perfect spot, but Lanai will not fail to give you exactly what you are looking for on your wedding day. Some couples choose a moonlit ceremony under the unimaginably brilliant stars. Others climb to the top of a soaring bluff and feel the strength of trade winds blowing through their hair. It will be a moment isolated in time, so finding the right spot is crucial. After that, leave it to Lanai to provide the rest...

Weather conditions are more predictable on this island because of its lower altitude, which means that the shorter mountains attract less clouds and rain than the higher peaks on the other Islands. Of course you want to ensure that your wedding falls on a beautifully sunny and radiant day. So choose Lanai to host your family and friends and you will almost certainly wake up on the morning of your wedding and find that you have been gifted with a glorious blue sky!

Looking for hidden gems and secret hideaways? A honeymoon is supposed to be just the two of you, so spending time on Lanai will serve your purpose well. This island's roads are mostly unpaved, which makes getting off "the beaten track" easy. You can even rent a four-wheel-drive vehicle and really get going off road. Visit the famous nature preserve and find some native species of plants and birds. Or re-discover Shipwreck Beach, where the remains of an old lighthouse keep watch over the windy channel that has put an untimely end to many ships attempting to pass through shallow waters. The haunting skeleton of an oil tanker still provides a ghostly and marvelous image to capture with your own eyes or a camera.

Lanai Car Rentals

Smaller even than Molokai, and also home to few paved roads, Lanai is an island with few rental cars and plenty of opportunities to just walk around. Lanai city is easy to navigate and enjoy on foot. But if you want to cover more ground in shorter time, an easy way to rent is through one of the popular agencies like Dollar. There are also several companies that offer guided tours, which include vehicle rental, and your car will come stocked with many necessities for a day on the road.

Want to travel in style without worrying about navigating or driving for yourself? Local limousine services come with friendly and high quality service for the traveler who wants to vacation in style. Another way to avoid driving is to check with your hotel and see if they offer a shuttle service. Many often do, and you can get to the popular beaches and city center quite easily on these frequent and convenient shuttles. A taxi can take you quickly to your next destination as well. But if you are spontaneous and want every option available to you during your visit to Lanai, rent a car at the airport and you will have the ability to pick up and go at a moment's notice.