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Maui's award winning wedding planners! From the simple yet elegant to the most elaborate celebration, we turn your wedding dreams into realities! We'll be there to assist you with your travel arrangements, accommodations, transportation, activities, wedding ceremony and reception, until the day you depart. Blue Ocean Weddings »

Hawaii Wedding Company

Hawaii Wedding Company

Hawaii Wedding Company of Maui is one of the only wedding companies Hawaii that has Over 25 years of experience. We have served thousands of satisfied customers.

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We strive to be the best Hawaii wedding planners for all of my Maui weddings couples, so that they can concentrate on what's important — building their lives together. Over the years we have accumulated a lot of experience by coordinating so many romantic Maui weddings and we will use our secrets to plan your very own dream wedding here in Hawaii. MauiMe.Com »

Maui - Perfect for a Memorable Destination Wedding

Air travel to Hawaii is fairly reasonable currently, with great budget rates and special deals and packages. Your friends and family will be thrilled to finally get over to Hawaii because that's where you're getting married! There are many options for your Maui destination wedding, and finding the right wedding planner will be key in setting up a destination wedding that all will remember.

Maui Destination Wedding Packages and Wedding Planners

Weddings here are romantic and unforgettably beautiful ceremonies, but of course they take a lot of work, so let a wedding planner take care of it for you. Your planner will help you find the perfect dress, tuxedo, photographer, florist, caterer, reception facility and venue. Wedding planning has never been easier; let the wedding planners in Maui find invitations, honeymoon locations, wedding cakes and much, much more. Make sure you wedding package includes a photographer. The right photography will help capture these special moments so you can forever relive them, and the picturesque locations will create an unforgettable backdrop. Hire a professional photographer to create timeless memories. This is your special day, make your Maui wedding as stress free as possible with a wedding package and/or planner.

When it comes to your wedding guests, you can relax and let the magic of Maui do all the work. You can book a wedding package deal with your hotel that will set up your family with rooms and access to the many activities offered at the resort and beyond. Or book a vacation home rental that will put everyone together under one roof. Also, a set of vacation cottages could be nice, with a special suite for the bride and groom, the parents of the betrothed, the bridesmaids in one and the groomsmen in another. With some rates as low as $100/night you can afford to give this thoughtful gift to each of your special guests. After everyone settles into their own private suite, you can explore the neighborhood filed with local flavors and natural beauty. Then come together and enjoy a delicious rehearsal dinner at one of Maui's gourmet restaurants.

Unique Weddings on Maui

It's safe to say that you have an infinite number of choices when it comes to picking your Maui destination wedding. You can be married in the western mountains of Maui, but only by flying there in your own private helicopter! This romantic and daring option is for the couple with a taste for adventure and extravagant beauty. Perched atop black volcanic rock with the rush of an icy waterfall below, you and your loved on can be married with privacy and intimacy. Most helicopters carry no more than 6 passengers, and don't forget to include the minister. Another audacious place to say your vows is underwater. If you and your partner are both certified divers, then it is actually possible to book an underwater wedding! If you love the ocean but the underwater part sounds like a bit much, then you can have the best of both worlds and be married on a ship. From small yachts to even cruise ship weddings, the planners on Maui have seen and planned it all. Another special treat is both symbolic and picturesque; a butterfly release at your wedding. These lovely animals have been beacons of love and joy in many cultures, and at your ceremony you can arrange to release a butterfly into the air, perhaps carrying a message to the gods, as legends say.

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Wedding Locations in Maui

Arrange your ceremony at virtually any location on the island. Choose from beaches, tropical gardens, hotels private estates and churches. Look into sunset weddings for a unique Maui experience. Of all the locations in Maui, you are sure to find the perfect setting for your special day.

Beach Weddings - Coves and Parks

Maui has an abundance of incredibly beautiful beach locations; the best ones are located on the South and West sides of the island. Here you will find perfect weather and gorgeous scenery. Although you have many possibilities of Maui beaches, not all of them can be used and the ones that can be used require a permit. Naturally, one cannot reserve the entire beach, so it is possible that you might run into other weddings going on at the same location. If it is privacy you are seeking, it is best to reserve a private location.

Starting August 1st, 2008, the State of Hawaii now requires anyone getting married on the beach to have a permit. This permit will cost a minimum of $20 and for larger wedding will run approximately $1 per person. If you are found to be doing a wedding without the permit the State can fine you up to $5,000, so plan ahead and make sure your wedding organizer gets this permit in time!


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Hotels - Wedding Options

All hotel resorts charge a site fee to use its facility, which is paid in full and is non-refundable. Fees range from $350.00 to $2,500.00 and prices are subject to change as hotels may publish new rates during the year. When using Hotel grounds all food and beverages must be provided by them. Please inquire about each hotel's booking policies.


» Hotel and Resort Wedding Locations


Condominiums - Cheaper Option for your Hawaiian Wedding

These are a little less expensive than hotels; in fact, some do allow their guests to use the grounds at no charge. Most of these locations allow you to bring your own food and beverages.

Churches for Weddings

There are many beautiful and historical churches on Maui that are available for weddings. Most ask for a donation of at least $200. The Wailea Seaside Chapel is $3,500.00 to $4,000.00. Catholic weddings have special requirements before the wedding ceremony. Please contact the parish priest as soon as possible. All ceremonies of the Catholic religion must be performed inside a Catholic Church.


» Maui Churches and Chapel Wedding Locations


Get Married on a Yacht!

Sailing yachts are an adventurous and romantic choice for an off shore wedding. It can be windy, but the views are incredible, especially if you choose to be wet at sunset. The cost of the yacht depends on how many people are involved. A small group of 7 people can get a 2 hour cruise for as little as $350.00.

Helicopters for Wedding at a Remote Location

Get married in a remote location in the mountains of Maui via helicopter. Weather is the major factor here, but it is usually sunny somewhere on Maui you can change locations if it is raining at your choice. This is a costly choice for a wedding (approximately $1200.00 for the charter), and you are limited to only a few people, but it is sure to be an unforgettable experience.

Weddings at Private Homes and Estates

A private Maui oceanfront estate can be the perfect location for your wedding ceremony and reception. Maui's private oceanfront estates and garden locations offer beautiful facilities and accommodations at a variety of prices.