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Ko'olau Golf Club

Ko'olau Golf Club

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Oahu North Shore Vacation Rentals

Choosing the North Shore in Oahu for your vacation rental will be the best choice you made for your visit to Hawaii. You will wake each morning to the rolling dunes of white sand beaches, tubular waves, and of course the brilliant sunshine that attracts the warm weather-lovers to this unique spot in the Pacific. Find excellent surfing conditions in the summer months, as well as perfect waves for body and boogie boarding.

The following beaches have long been local surf favorites:

For the best swimming in the area head to Kuilima Cove, near Turtle Bay resort and sheltered naturally by the curving coastline. Snorkeling here is spectacular too, away from the pounding surf down the coast.

Some of the biggest waves can be found at Suset Beach, sometimes reaching heights of 20 feet.

Northshore Destinations

One of the quaint beach towns of your dreams could be Haleiwa Town on the North Shore. Walk around and find the lovely little boutiques for shopping, fine art galleries with local creations and some fine dining and regional cuisine. It will be hard to part with your vacation rental when it feels so much like home!

Some of the favorite spots to stay while visiting the North Shore include these towns:

The North Shore, A Surfer's Haven - Waimea Bay, Pipeline & Jaws

Whether you came to watch or participate, the surfing culture here will captivate you and your family with its passion for the ocean and love of gnarly waves! This part of Oahu is known for being a surfing Mecca, so you could very easily brush shoulders with some of the most famous and talented athletes in the world. There are several competitions held here each year, three of which are held each December and are known as the "Triple Crown of Surfing". The Reef Hawaiian Pro, O'Neill World Cup and the Billabong Pipeline Masters will all be incredible spectator sports, especially if you are there in person to witness the daring feats with your own eyes. The rest of the world has to tune in by camera. The women's surfing world is just as booming, with their own special competitions. Find the Quicksilver Big Wave Invitational and see some of the best female surfers around today. This particular tournament is not held each year since the requirements include at least 20-foot waves. The conditions have to be perfect, so you would have to literally be in the right place at the right time to witness the majesty and aptitude of these competitors.

Safety Tips for The Beach